Steps to Help Transition to Online Learning

You can do this! We are all in this together, and you have support in and out of the classroom just as if you were physically on campus.

Communication lets your instructors know you are online and working. Just like in a regular classroom, ask for help and/or clarification. Instructors won’t know you are struggling unless you communicate with them. Moodle has links for QR, Writing, and subject-area tutoring as well.

Staying in your pajamas day after day sets your mood. It can make you feel stuck and impact your overall well-being. Getting dressed helps set a routine and gives focus and structure to your day.

To the extent it is possible for you, creating a consistent space to work also helps set a routine to your day. Turn off your phone and put it away so it won’t be a distraction.

Block off regular times to work, and follow what would be your normal on-campus class schedule. Keeping a daily and weekly routine helps to maintain focus and motivation.

Stay in touch with friends and classmates. Create study sessions online using Zoom or other video conferencing tools.

Online QR and Writing Tutoring from the CLE

Access tutors through Moodle and join the CLE Online Tutoring Class!

Steps to Learning Remotely Infogram